Thursday, April 14, 2011

Welcome to All Art has been Contemporary!!!

Ciao My Readers,
Now my guess is many of you are very disappointed in my failure at staying in touch these past months and I don't blame you. I have absolutely no excuse for not writing these past months.  My main reason for not writing was because I decided to revert back to my depressive self and start the equivalency of a pity blog. That is right,  your Gianna who wrote such museum write-ups that were published in travel blogs reverted back to writing like a high-school girl. I suppose I did it because i was too embarrassed to admit to my readers that I was  originally very unhappy about  coming back to Florence.  The city remained  the same but so did I, I wanted to come back and feel the same way I did when I left Florence, Yet in truth all i felt was uncertainty . It has taken four months for myself to find that sense of security, which I found unexpectedly in my Young Italian Artist class. This course revolves around experiential learning from artists lectures in the class room to visits to individual studios.
As mentioned in my new biography, every artists mentioned comes from the contemporary underground art scene of Florence,  Yet, I must give credit where credit is due and that is to the brilliancy of contemporary installation artists Maurizio Nannucci.
"All art has been contemporary" by Maurizio Nannucci ,
 2010 neon , 65 x 1600 cm Galleria degli Uffizi 
His lighting display on the facade of the uffizi museum turned heads with its bold exclamation "All art has been contemporary".  His words hold verity to my own connection with art. What is contemporary art?  how do we define it?  was classical art once contemporary art? it is these questions that spring forth from this single sentence. and these questions which I further wish to explore through the art blogosphere.
Finally, I'm sure you have noticed I have renounced by title as Gianna della Rosa . Though Gianna is closer to my original name, I feel since my blog is now projecting a new angle I myself  should project a  new image. Belladonna is a lovely nickname that was given by someone very dear to me and I feel she embodies the person I am now.
Thankyou for staying tuned these past months while I was on a hiatus I promise many amazing write-ups to follow.
Grazie Mille
<3 Belladonna

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