Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Appreciation for the Art Blogosphere

Ciao I miei amici,

First of all I want to apologize for my hiatus these few weeks. But I must say throughout this time, I have visited some absolutely incredible museums and churches which I am eager to write to you all about in my upcoming entries.

Yet, I first want to reflect on an incredible phenomenon that has changed my worldview as we know it. This is of course the Art Blogosphere, I initially wrote my blog with the purpose of serving as a travel journal for my friends and family back home. But suddenly it transformed into something totally unexpected, I figured my main focus on most entries would be art oriented but I had no idea that my blog would morph to be counted among the ranks of other Art History Bloggers. I want to thank the incredible bloggers I have read along the way who have made me feel so welcome into the community. A special thanks to H for his kind words and assistance and to his friends M, A and Dr.F.

I am just a mere college student studying abroad with big hopes and dreams of one day making it in the art world, I have high hopes of either being a curator or perhaps writing for Art Forum. I understand these are big dreams but thanks to the art blogging world I feel like these dreams could one day be a reality. Art is my love, I feel like I have sacrificed so much socially because very few people my age are on the same wavelength as me. As seen in my bio I am a very introverted person and when I start talking about art to peers my own age I often come across as elitist or pretentious. The fact is I am not an elitist I just really love art and I love reflecting on it with others who live for the subjective view as I do. I now live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world known for its art. I look out my window and there is Santa Maria Novella, I go to get a gelato and there is the Duomo, everyday on my way to class I pass the Pallazo Strozzi. I not only see art history each and every day, I live and breathe it. Which is why my dear readers I couldn't bear to leave Florence thus I will be studying new topics next semester in accordance with museum exhibition, art expertise , art restoration and hopefully though a family connection intern at the palazzo pitti. I have big dreams and I know Florence will take me far so I will keep dreaming and keep writing so stay tuned for the promised church entries and of course my trip to the Louvre and Academia

A preso,



  1. Hi Gianna! Keep up the great work - to me there is nothing more interesting than reading about someone's journey of learning, which is what you are sharing with us.

    I have learnt new things from reading your blog: The Bandini Museum, The Lippi Tondo, and the secret Michelangelo sketches. All good stuff :)

    Kind Regards

  2. I envy your experiences milady, looking forward to hearing about your most recent adventures.